If you don't use a car regularly, you've probably wondered whether to rent a car when you need or buy your own car. Renting a car on a regular basis can sometimes be expensive, but renting a car regularly saves you money. Depending on your needs, you can also opt to buy a second-hand car and rent a car for holidays that require a long journey, special occasions or other events in your life where you need a more comfortable car or need a nicer car.

If you're a bit organised and know when to decide to rent a car, you can actually save a considerable amount of money over time, rather than opting to buy a car. In the following article we will present some examples of when it is advisable to rent a car:


1 If you live in a big city

If you live in a big city like Bucharest, where you can go by public transport, it would be better not to buy a car and to rent one when you need it. Due to traffic and insufficient parking spaces, it would be a waste of money to buy a car. In addition to the money you spend on the car, you should also consider the money you spend on fuel and parking in the city. It is much more advisable to rent a car in such a city only when you need it because even if you go on holiday and need the car for a few days or if you have work in town that requires a car it is much more practical, cheaper to rent than to buy.


2 When you take a trip

Whether you plan to visit a city in Romania or any other country on your next holiday, renting a car is an ideal solution to save money on flights, because most of the time a plane ticket is much more expensive than renting a car for a long term.


3 When you go on holiday

Renting a car is much more interesting to travel on holiday because on the way to where you want to go on holiday you can make different stops at different tourist attractions, which is impossible when you travel by plane or train. You can create a lot of memories that you can recount at different locations along your route.


4 For special occasions

Sometimes it is much better for different special occasions to you use a rented car even if you have your own car. At a business meeting you need to impress with your visual impact and a luxury car gives the impression of a successful and prosperous businessman. At private life events such as weddings or christenings, birthdays or any other event, when you get behind the wheel of a luxury car you can attract attention and make a spectacular appearance. A car that looks as good as you do will always make you feel extraordinary!


In conclusion, whatever the reason for closing a car, it is worth renting a car, you deserve to feel comfortable and have a good time. Whether you you want to rent it for a day or more, whether you want to rent it for the city or long trips a car will always get you out of a jam when you need it!

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