This kind of rent a car is a very common practice nowadays. Car technology has evolved and it is now within everyone's reach to rent a car, regardless of its size or characteristics. In the following article I will give you a brief history of this rent a car service.  

Although it may seem surprising, the car rental service has a long history. Ever since cars have been accessible to the general public, entrepreneurs have been quick to discover and exploit people's desire to rent cars. The earliest records of this car rental practice was in 1904. At that time a Minneapolis bicycle shop began practicing this business and offering cars for rent for the first time. 

In 1912, Joe Sanders of Nebraska, USA, noticed that no one in his area was yet offering cars for rent. So he took the initiative and took the first steps in this field. He hired a sales agent and started to offered for rent over 18 of Ford's Model T cars. He was renting this car for 10 cents per mile driven. After a few years, in 1926, he managed to open branches in over 56 cities in the United States.

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The rent-a-car business began to flourish with the end of the Second World War. Business people started to travel more and more often to different cities, business trips, and so they needed a car at their destination. And as the most convenient practice was to rent a car, so they did.

The first company offering the rent a car service was called Carpati, registered in 1942. This service was under the umbrella of the tourism company. The company operated out of Baneasa airport and had in fleet of cars VW Beetle, Hillman, Citroen Ami, Dacia 1300 and Oltcit. 

Now coming back to the present day, so much has changed. Now cars have absolutely everything you need, from phones to internet, any car has absolutely everything you need to travel. Technology has evolved tremendously. But the practice of rent a car became very popular in Romania around 2002 - 2003, since then the demand is growing and the car fleets are increasing and they are always looking for cars that have all the equipment, to be as safe as possible and to attract the general public.

In conclusion since the beginning of this rent a car practice, the service has been useful and people wanted to rent cars. Either for lack of a personal vehicle or because they were travelling and arrived in a city where they needed a car. All the time people wanted or needed to drive, on various trips whether it was for business or holidays. Choose services Ama Rent A Car Bucharest!