We all want to drive the newest cars on the market. And new fleet rental services can make that dream come true.

Whether you need a car for a great holiday or a special event, the cars in our fleets will never let you down.

It is a common alternative for people who want to test drive a new car before they buy it. Most drivers will be primarily interested in the availability of a new car. New fleet car rental services will give you valuable advantages.

You will enjoy the pleasure of driving a new car

We all appreciate historic cars and their impact on the automotive world. But new cars are top of the list when it comes to customer choice.

If you feel the need to experience something different or the car model you personally want, you will have the possibility to rent it and test drive it for a longer or shorter period of time.


It is a habit adopted by many drivers. You get to know the car. You can even find out if it really is the car of your dreams.

Technological progress is constantly increasing. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. So you'll want to test drive it before you buy. Only then will you be able to tell if it really meets your needs and expectations.

The risk of breakdowns is significantly reduced

Services rent a car Iasi with a new fleet of vehicles will always have the latest models. It goes without saying that a new car has a reduced risk of breakdown compared to older cars that have been driven by many customers.

The risks increase with the degree of wear and tear on the machine. If you want to rent a car for a long period of time, it is advisable to choose a new car. 

You'll enjoy increased comfort

New car models will always come with the latest equipment. Your comfort and safety are the most important things. So you get:

  • Leather upholstery;
  • Climatronic system;
  • GPS;
  • Heating in the seats/flywheel;
  • Windscreen heating;
  • Head-up display;
  • Helium mirrors;
  • Anatomical chairs;
  • Parking sensors;
  • Camera for reversing, etc.

You can try all these options without compromising. With their help, the road experience changes considerably.

New cars are more environmentally friendly

Some models that are part of the new cars are hybrid or electric. Compared to conventional cars, they will be more environmentally friendly.

Pollution and gas emissions are significantly reduced. Environmental responsibility must be a core value for every person. Given the global context on pollution, you can help the environment.

New fleet rental services offer low-emission vehicles, and are associated with Euro 5 and 6 standards.