BOOKING CONDITIONS                                                    

Please read this document before finalising your booking as it will provide you with important information both about booking and about your rental, including what documents to have with you when you pick up your vehicle, and your responsibilities.

Please also read General Rental Conditions ("General Conditions"), Specific Local Conditions ("Specific Local Conditions") if Rental Contract. Your Rental Contract is drawn up in accordance with the General Conditions and the Specific Local Conditions and will be handed to you when you pick up the vehicle.

It is imperative that you read carefully the Rental Agreement you will receive at the time of vehicle pick-up, as it may either contain additional location-specific terms and conditions, or it may contain differences from the General Terms and Conditions provided during the booking process. Please pay particular attention to the sections on 'Accidents, Theft, Damages' and 'Insurance'.

It is important to AMA Rent A Car that you enjoy a great rental experience and have all the information you need. You will spend little time now, but you can save time in the future.

  1. Creating a reservation

A reservation allows you to opt for a vehicle and possibly additional options, with pick-up at a specific time, date and location and for the agreed rental period. It is mandatory to meet AMA Rent A Car conditions for rental. You must express agreement and sign Contract from Rental.


The Rental Contract is governed by the laws of the country from which you are picking up the vehicle and is concluded between you and the car rental service provider at the time of pick-up, if you meet all the conditions for rental. The reservation IS NOT a Rental Contract.

If you make a reservation, accepted be provided electronically with a copy of these Booking Conditions, a

General Conditions if a Specific Local Conditions, to the e-mail address you provided.

  1. Pay now' and 'pay at location' bookings

In the case of 'pay now' bookings, you will pay for the vehicle for the rental period and additional products and services at the time of booking. Not all additional products and services can be paid in advance. Additional products and services that cannot be paid for in advance, regardless of whether they can be booked in advance or not, will be designated as 'pay on location' and the 'pay on location' conditions will apply.


You must pay a cancellation fee, if you cancel your reservation or if we cancel your reservation because you have not fulfilled the conditions for the rental.

You must pay a no-show fee if you did not cancel your reservation and did not show up at the pick-up location. The no-show fee may be equal to the full price of your reservation.

Please see the 'Cancellations' section for details.

  1. Booking modification - for all types of bookings

You can change your reservation at any time before the day you are due to pick up your vehicle by calling the Reservations Department or by managing your reservation online (if this service is available). You can change your booking on the day of pick-up, but you must contact the Reservations Department.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail with the change of reservation, with the details of the new reservation and the new amount paid or to be paid, to the e-mail address provided by you.


All change requests will be subject to availability and may result in a price change, because the modified reservation will be made at the prices available at the date of the modification. If the amount you have to 'Pay now' at the end of the booking is:

-        Larger than the amount you paid us, you have to pay difference

-        Smaller than the amount you have paid us, then it will not be granted no refund. However, if you wish to purchase additional options when you pick up the vehicle, you can use the difference to cover the cost of these additional options.

There is no charge for making changes. However, if the modification has the same effect as a cancellation, you may be applied a cancellation fee. You may get your money back if you have made a new reservation. Please contact the Customer Service Department for more information.

  1. Cancellations - All types of reservations

You can cancel your reservation at any time before the day you are due to pick up your vehicle by calling the Reservations Department or manage your reservation yourself online (if this service is available).


Depending on the date of cancellation, you may be charged either a cancellation fee or a no-show fee. The fee is calculated taking into account the type of reservation, how long in advance you requested the cancellation and the location from where you were to pick up the vehicle.

CONTACT US: You must contact the Customer Service Department to request a refund. It can take up to 14 days for your card issuer to process a refund. We are not responsible for the length of time it takes your card company to process your refund.

  1. Price

Vehicle rental price is calculated according to the date and time requested for pick-up and return, the location of the rental, the period of time for which you rent, the type of vehicle requested.

Price of additional products and services - e.g. child seats, additional driver(s), delivery charges, GPS devices, additional protection products, etc. - are calculated according to the requested pick-up and return date and time and the location from where you will pick up the vehicle.


Unless otherwise stated, the price includes all costs you have to pay - for example, vehicle tax, local taxes, and any location surcharges.

In some locations - usually airports, train stations and some city centre locations - a location surcharge will apply, as it costs more to operate there.This will be included in the price you pay, but may be shown as a separate item on your rental contract or receipt.


  1. Rental requirements

Booking number

You must to have your reservation number or the reservation confirmation e-mail with you. This will help the agents in the office to find your details so that you can leave as soon as possible.

Driving licence


We can refuse allow a driver to drive the vehicle, if he (i) nu holds a driving licence, valid for the entire rental period, in the country where the rental is to take place, (ii) nu presented an international driving licence or an official translation of the driving licence (if this is permitted under the legislation of the country concerned), (iii) nu has held a driving licence for the minimum period required by the rental location, (iv) has convictions driving-related criminal offences, or (v) nu intrude our safety or financial checks.

Please read Local Specific Conditions - Driver's License and ID Requirements

or call Reservations Department for more information.

Drivers must present an international driving licence or an authorised translation into the language of the country where the rental takes place (only if this is allowed by the legislation of the country concerned), in the following situations:

  • Your driving licence was issued in Europe, and you rent a car in a country outside Europe;
  • Your driving licence was issued in a non-European country and you rent a car outside that country;
  • The driving licence was issued in an alphabet other than Latin, such as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew or Japanese (or other similar languages that do not use the Latin alphabet).

Drivers are obliged to check what the legal requirements are in the country where they intend to drive the vehicle.

Drivers must present previous driving licences or a letter from the driving licence issuing authority stating that they have held the licence for at least the minimum period accepted by the car rental service provider, if the current driving licence does not stipulate seniority.

Proof of identity, photo ID and proof of address

Please note that not all locations accept a driver's license as a valid form of proof of identity or address. Therefore, the person renting the vehicle must present proof of identity, e.g. a current valid passport or a valid identity document. Photo document must be identifiable. The person renting the vehicle must Proof of home address can be a recent utility bill or bank statement proving the address.

Drivers must ensure that their personal postal address is mentioned in the rental contract.

Payment methods

We generally accept bank cards issued by American Express (excluding Travellers Cheque cards), Diners, Visa and MasterCard (excluding prepaid cards). For more information, please read Local Specific Conditions - Payments Section or call the Reservations Department.


You must bring the payment card used to make the reservation, as this was used as a way of verifying your identity, to ensure that the vehicle is granted to the person who made the reservation. For certain high value vehicles, you must present two payment cards in the name of the person who made the reservation, who must be the main driver. Please read the e-email confirming your reservation, or call the Reservations Department.

The name on the payment card must be the same as the name on the primary driver's license.

If you do not have the payment card used to make the reservation, we have the right to cancel your reservation and to withhold an amount from the payment card registered in the database for damages incurred by us (to the extent permitted by law). The staff at the rental desk can make a rental for you if they wish, and if they have another vehicle available, if you meet all the rental requirements and safety checks, but you will have to pay the 'pay at location' reservation rates for that day, as it will be considered a new rental.

Prior approvals and guarantees:

Before the rental location will allow you to rent a vehicle, it will hold a prior authorisation or a guarantee. You must use an approved payment card that is issued in your name and has sufficient funds available.


What is a prior authorisation or a guarantee?

A pre-authorization blocks a certain amount of money in your account. Once a pre-authorisation has taken place, you will not be able to use that money for any other purpose until you pay the rental and your card company issues the pre-authorisation. While the pre-authorisation is in place, the amount appears to be withdrawn from your account, but this is not the case; the money is 'detained pending' until a final payment is made.

On the other hand, if you are asked for a guarantee, the money will be transferred from your account. When a guarantee is withheld, the amount of the guarantee will be the same as the amount of the prior authorisation.

The amount is fixed or calculated on the basis of (a) the estimated price of the rental vehicle, (b) variant a. plus the total estimated price for all additional products and services you have requested, (c) variant b. plus an amount to allow for the payment of the fuel you may use - unless you purchase prepaid fuel.

(d) any of the options a, b, c without the amount that the rental location declares that you paid for the rental when you made the reservation. If you would like more details, please call the Reservations Department.

Upon return of the vehicle, the final payment amount will be calculated and processed using the payment card provided. If the final payment is more than guarantee, the rental office will ask you to pay the difference. If the final payment is less than guarantee - or choose to pay using a different method - you will need to contact the Customer Relations Department to obtain a reimbursement.

If you choose to pay by a different method, please note that prior authorisation on the original card will remain in effect until it is released by the company that issued your card.

IMPORTANT! Not the rental office, but the company that manages your card, is responsible for issuing prior authorisations and processing approved reimbursementsand this can take up to 14 days.

Driver age restrictions

There are age restrictions - but these vary by vehicle and country. Please read Local Specific Conditions - section Age-related information or call the Reservations Department.


If a driver is under the minimum age to drive the reserved vehicle class, the rental office will try to find you a vehicle with a lower age restriction. Drivers over a certain age must provide additional documentation to prove that they are fit and able to drive a vehicle. Drivers over a certain age or under a certain age must to pay a special fee. If a driver is under the minimum age restriction or over the maximum age for all vehicles, it will not be able to drive.

Unacceptable behaviour

The rental office may refuse rent you a vehicle if you or someone in your group behaves in an unacceptable way. For example, if one of the drivers is considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or you, or someone in your group, behaves abusive or threatening towards customers or the Avis team.

  1. Safety checks

When making a reservation, express your agreement for conducting identity, security, driver's license and financial checks on you and any additional drivers or persons making payments for hire. Processing of personal data, for more information.


The rental office may refuse rent your vehicle to you if you or the person making the payment fails any of these checks, and this leads us to believe that you, the person making the payment for the vehicle, the driver or additional drivers make the rental a high risk rental. The rental office may refuse allow a driver to drive the vehicle if it fails any of the checks. The rental office canif the law allows it, to refuse rent the vehicle if you or another person making the payment owes an amount to it or another group of companies.

If any of the information you have provided proves to be false or incorrect, then it will be deemed to be you violated the contract. You will have to pay any costs or damages incurred.

  1. Availability


If there are no vehicles available from the group you booked, the rental office will try to find you a vehicle from a higher group, without any additional costs. If they can only find you a vehicle from a lower group, and you agree to rent this vehicle, only the value of that vehicle will be retained. If you have already paid, you will be entitled to a reimbursement the difference.

If you have booked a larger vehicle and it is unavailable for travel, the rental office may offer you more vehicles or suggest you use an alternative means of transport until it can obtain a vehicle from the group you requested.

This happens very rarely, but if no vehicle is available, of course you will be entitled to a full refund of any amount you have already paid.

Additional products and services

It is unlikely that the rental office will not have a product that you booked in advance. If they do, try to get it from another rental office. If this is not possible, the rental office can choose between the following options : will buy a new product for you, will ask you to buy a reasonably priced product elsewhere and will refund the price paid or refund the cost of the additional product booked.

CONTACT US: You will need to contact the Customer Service Department and provide them with your booking number to obtain a refund.

  1. Processing of personal data

By making a reservation, explicitly accept for us to use and transfer your personal information, to the extent permitted by law, as described in this section.

We will use (or process) personal data to:


- Request booking rental services for you,

- Performs checks relevant to identity, safety, driving and financial licence,

- Maintain and improve administration and management of services ours,

- We will send you information about similar goods and services that we think would be of interest to you, if the law allows us to do so. We do not transmit your personal information to third parties for use for marketing purposes unrelated to Ama Rent A Car. You can choose not to receive such information at any time by contacting the Customer Relations Department or by clicking the unsubscribe button in the e-mail you received.


We transfer personal data to:


-     Legal authoritiessuch as Police or local authorities or municipalities, if we believe they have the right to know the information and the law allows us to do so or to check the validity of your driving licence.

- Third parties, usually located in the country of rental, to allow for identity, safety, driving licence and financial checks and to detect and prevent crime,

- Third parties acting on our behalf in administering complaints and collections,

- Third parties acting on our behalf in the performance of opinion polls that we use to improve the services we offer you.

You have the legal right to access the information we hold about you, and if you can provide us with the necessary justification, you can request that your personal data be corrected, amended, blocked or deleted. You have the right to request an explanation for the processing of your data, as well as additional rights mentioned in applicable privacy laws, to the extent necessary to ensure the fair processing of your data. You also have the legal right to object to the processing of this information for justifiable and legitimate reasons.

For more information please see our privacy policy on the protection of personal data, available on our website.

CONTACT US: To access this information, please contact the Customer Relations Department and request details. We may require you to pay an access fee if we are permitted by law to do so.





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Lines are open from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.