You will be able to drive both large and small cars. Our price lists are among the best on the market. We'll even give you personalised offers subject to availability.

We provide you with additional elements for a successful holiday:


  • Child seat;
  • Complete winter equipment;
  • High-performance navigation systems.

Sometimes you feel the need for a second driver. Rent A Car Otopeni has thought about this wish before. It can also provide you with a second driver for those demanding moments and journeys.

You will be able to rent both manual and automatic gearbox cars. Depending on how many days you need the car, the price will always be in your favour. And the rental process is so simple. There's no upfront payment, and you'll receive a message to your email address via the booking form, which you can find on their website.

This message will contain the availability information of the selected machine class. Reservations will be confirmed strictly for one car in a class. All you have to do is confirm the car rental by e-mail.

If for any reason your trip takes longer than you planned, you can extend your car booking period. The only conditions they impose are:

  • The customer must be at least 21 years old;
  • The client must hold a valid national/international driving licence.