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Whether travelling for relaxation, holidays or business people are constantly on the move. Means of transport have advanced and now you can travel any distance, you are no longer limited by anything. If you are planning a trip, whatever its purpose, in Iasi we are at your disposal with a wide range of cars. If you arrive by plane we can bring your car directly to the airport or if you are in town and need a car we are at your disposal!

I will present just four of the many advantages of renting a car:

De ce sa inchiriezi

1 - Flexibility

One of the most important advantages when rent a car refers to the flexibility you have. You don't have to worry about taxi fares or keep looking at your watch to catch public transport. With a rental car, you can always arrive on time for planned meetings if you're travelling on business or you can save time to visit and enjoy the place you're in if you're on holiday.

2- Comfort

If you're on holiday, a rental car gives you the opportunity to visit places further afield than the city you're in, and you're no longer limited by public transport or walking. Also if you travel by plane, with a phone call and an appointment, the car you want is delivered directly to the airport, saving you from carrying luggage and giving you all the comfort you need after your flight.

3 - Choosing the car you want

Whether you want a small city car, a sedan or a 4×4, you can choose any model you like. In a business first impressions count, and as first impressions are formed by visual impact that means the car counts too. Or maybe you are with your family and need a bigger car to move around in comfort, or even alone if you need a smaller city car, we are at your disposal with any car you need!

4- Accessibility

In many cases it is not worth driving your own car, especially if the journey is long and you need to drive more than 5, maybe 6 hours to reach your destination, especially if you have children with you on the trip you are planning. It is much simpler to combine a low-cost flight and then rent a car directly from the airport. The trip will be much shorter and you won't spend so much time in traffic, you will be able to enjoy your planned holiday much more.

In conclusion, it is much more cost-effective to rent a car, whether it is for a long-awaited holiday or for business that needs to be taken care of. Rent a car Iasi is at your disposal with the car you need, whether you want to rent it from the office, from the city or from the airport! Contact us to get an offer for the car you want!

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