Now that the cold season has arrived and the weather has started to become more unstable, it is the best time to rent a car. There are many advantages that this practice brings especially now when the cold starts, the rains are unpredictable and the wind never stops. In the following article we will list the most important advantages that the rent a car service brings and why you should opt for a rental car in the coming period. Whether you are a tourist or just flying back to Bucharest from a trip, the best idea to get to the city as soon as possible from Otopeni airport is to hire a car and we will tell you why:

1 - Comfort

Nobody likes to walk around with their luggage in the cold and maybe even the rain. Even more so if you are accompanied by friends or family. The car rental service saves you all that when you arrive at the airport - if you've booked a car, it's waiting to take you where you need to go. A rented car protects you from bad weather and provides warmth, good music if you feel like listening to something and everything you need besides safety.

2 - Helps you move anywhere, anytime

Through rental car you can go anywhere you want, you have no limits. And with a rented car you can leave at any time without depending on the public transport schedule. When you visit Bucharest, the best is to rent a car directly from Otopeni airport and so right from your arrival you don't waste a minute waiting for public transport to arrive. You can then visit less accessible areas or other tourist attractions around Bucharest without having to make too much effort. And, in this way, everything is in your favour!


3 - You save money

If you rent a car on a long-term basis, you have made a significant saving from the start. First of all long-term car rental the price is lower than renting it for one day only. And secondly, when you draw the line at the end of the rental period, you will notice that you have spent less money than if you had chosen to go by taxi, ride sharing service or any public transport - because surely when you visit Bucharest you won't just make one trip, but you will use them frequently several times a day.

In conclusion, it is more useful and advantageous to rent a car from any point of view whether it is comfort, money or time. When you arrive by plane at Otopeni airport, no matter why you came to Bucharest, the car you want to rent will help you get rid of even the fatigue you have accumulated during your trip!

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